Dave Kalscheur enjoys Dodge City Days.

The National Beef engineer takes part in several of events over the course of Dodge City Days, including the annual Classic Car Show and some golf tournaments.

On Friday morning during the Cowboy Classic Golf Tournament at Dodge City Country Club Kalscheur added a new car to this collection of classic vehicles.

Kalscheur’s hole-in-one on No. 10 using a 5-iron got him a 2017 Dodge Dart from Lopp Motors.

"It was only the third time I’ve golfed this year," said Kalscheur. "My group didn’t even see it go in. There was another team waiting to tee off on No. 11 and they started cheering.

"I just thought it was a good shot, close to the hole. I didn’t think it went in."

But it did.

A country club employee came down to the hole and took video of Kalscheur removing the ball from the cup and posted it online.

"My phone started ringing off the hook with calls and texts," the golfer said. "I mean it went viral in a hurry — before we teed off on No. 12."

Kalscheur knew what the shot would win as the Dart was on the property.

"They had the car there in the parking lot with signs next to it," Kalscheur said. "I called Jeff (Lopp) Senior and told him I won the car.

"He had it delivered to my driveway with a dealer tag on it so I can drive and enjoy it."

The golfer said the dealership went through an insurance company for the contest and there is much to do before the Dodge Dart is his.

"There are a lot of steps to go through and a lot of paperwork," Kalscheur said. "I had to have all teammates sign the scorecard and it had to be motorized.

"There’s a lot that has to happen, but it will be all right."

Kalscheur, who said the hole-in-one was "incredibly lucky," thinks the ace may have been the only shot of his used during the best ball tournament. No one on his team has requested him to be on their team in future events.

"I’m sure the team saw the rest of my game that day," he said. "Not having played much this year, not having a great golf game anyway, I’m pretty sure that was the only shot of mine they used all day.

"Although, I don’t think I cared at that point anyway."


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