When the state legislature extended Star Bonds back in June, any and all Star Bond projects were able to start the processes over.

On Monday, the city commission did just that.

"The purchase of land along 14th Avenue was already approved," city finance director Nannette Pogue said. "We will still need to fund the project by purchasing the three land entities for Sutherland's Home Improvement."

The purchase of land would go to Sutherland's and the three plats in front of where Sutherland's will be located near 14th Avenue and Soule Street.

The city would issue temporary notes for $1,742,000 for the Star Bond expenses and $910,000 of utility costs.

The Star Bonds that are issued later would reimburse the purchase.

The land purchase was approved with a 4-0 vote, Commissioner Brian Delzeit was absent from the meeting and did not vote.

Commissioners also approved the 2018 budget that will see the mill levy decrease by two to 49.021.

"The department heads put in a significant amount of effort on getting this done," city manager Cherise Tieben said. "We were able to put 100 percent back into the depreciation fund."

Replenishing the depreciation fund was something Commissioner Kent Smoll hadn't seen happen in many years.

"Being able to put in 100 percent to the depreciation fund and not have the mills go up just shows how well the staff put all this together," he said. "It is a good budget and I thank the staff for their work."

Some of the positives for the budget were the cash influx from the methane project and the significant amount of the street projects.

"We did account for the operating change from Victory Electric 6 percent rate increase," Pogue said. "That was part of the budget which is $55,560,323."

In other business, the commissioners approved the purchase of two SUVs for the Dodge City Police Department from Ford Lewis for $65,300 that includes a trade in of $700 for a 2008 Ford Crown Victoria.

They also approved the purchase of 624 trash carts from Toter for $30,800.64 or $49.36 per cart.

"The carts meet all the specifications required," director of administration Ryan Reid said. "We will still have more purchases of this type going in the next year or two until the whole city is full."

Commissioners also approved a quote from JAG Construction to make improvements to the mall detention basin for $61,744.61.

"Storm water flow comes through the system at the mall and the improvement would re-route, re-grade and armor the flow of the parking lot," director of engineering Ray Slattery said. "It would be paid out of general obligation bonds allotted from the Central Avenue Improvements project and will be reimbursed through the McDonald's CID."