Tour was a success

Dear Editor,

On August 5, 48 hardy souls got on their bicycles to participate in the Dodge City Days "Saddle Up Bicycle Tour." The Tour is an organized group ride that has alternate routes designed to promote bicycling and to meet the level of interest and condition of each rider.

This year there were four routes: the "kids route" which was 4 miles in length; the short route of 13 miles; the intermediate route of 21 miles; and, the long route of 43 miles which led the riders north on 14th Avenue to Garnett, then east through Spearville then south and back on Jewell Road and Highway 50 to the starting line at the Dodge City YMCA.

This year we were blessed with near perfect bicycling weather making this one of the best Tours ever.

Thank you to the riders who participated, and to those that helped make it a success. The YMCA allowed us to use their facilities. The Dodge City Police Department provided an escort to get us across the streets and out of town safely.

Thank you especially to John and Traci Wentling and their daughter, Angie Pattermann. John provided road patrol and repair services while Traci and Angie joined Diane Erhlich and Stacy Derstein to provide the registration and refreshment services.

This year with the special help of Gary Erhlich, we were able to give away two bicycles (and it was a joyous event to see the two young riders with their new bikes). We also had drawings for other equipment which was a new addition to the Tour which always includes a free T-shirt for every rider and free refreshments.

We thank our good friends who donated to the Tour which enabled us to buy the bicycles, equipment and the shirts and refreshments. .

This is our invitation for everyone to get on a bike and pedal, pedal, pedal and get ready to join us for the 2018 edition of the "Saddle Up Bicycle Tour."  

Happy Trails.

Van Z. Hampton

Dodge City


Bring back TV listings

Dear Editor,

As a long time subscriber to the Dodge City Daily Globe, I’d like to thank you for your coverage of local news  —  summer sports, the county fair, the various Dodge City Days events, etc.  Once school starts coverage of area sports will begin  with other school events along with the Depot Theater activities to name just a few of the many varied happenings.

One thing I am concerned about is your dropping of the TV guide.  Many people have depended on this for their TV viewing for a long time because they do not have the skills to go looking through all the programing on electronic devices.  It’s too bad to eliminate the TV guide completely. 

Hopefully you can look into this.

Joanne Whelchel

Dodge City