The 2016 Kansas Crime Index Report was released by the Kansas Bureau of Investigation on Thursday.

The data was compiled for the state as well as counties and cities by local and state law enforcement agencies.

For the state there was an overall increase in violent crimes of 4.2 percent.

Violent crimes consist of murders, rapes, robberies and aggravated assaults and batteries.

The report on Ford County which includes Dodge City, Bucklin, Spearville and Boot Hill Casino and Resort, reported 115 violent crimes with a population count of 34,454 for the county.

Of the violent crimes reported, 97 were aggravated assault/batteries, nine rapes and nine robberies with zero murders occurring in 2016.

The state had a total of 148 murders reported which is an increase of 12.1 percent when compared to the numbers reported in 2015.

KBI report stated the highest recorded murder reported in a single year came in 1993 when 188 murders were reported.

For property crime, the numbers reported increased 2 percent due to high number of reported motor vehicle thefts.

For Ford County, 956 property crime offenses were reported with 147 coming from burglaries, 751 thefts and 58 motor vehicle thefts.

It should also be noted that four arsons were reported in Ford County but are not counted in the crime index according to the KBI.

Total number of crimes reported for the state were 148 murders, 1,125 rapes, 1,693 robberies, 8,075 aggravated assault/batteries, 13,620 burglaries, 58,377 thefts, 7,552 motor vehicle thefts and 597 arsons.

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