During the summer it seems as though there are more opportunities than any other time of year to go out and have fun, mostly due to the nice weather.

For some with special needs, however, the activities are limited due to a handicap or other reasons outside of their control.

The organizers of Dodge City Run for Autism, which was held back in April, have paired up with the city of Dodge City and Long Branch Lagoon to host Special Needs Night at the Lagoon, a night of fun and swimming for all those with special needs.

This event will be held on Sunday from 7 to 9 p.m. The event organizers include Holly Legg, Trista Fergerson and Tatiana Tran.

“This event is for all special needs, not just autism,” Legg posted on Facebook. “We are all in this together!”

According to Legg, there will be a discounted admission fee of $4 a person.

“The park will be sensory friendly that evening with fewer sprayers, fewer people, lower music, trained staff and even help with accessibility for physical disabilities,” she said. “Plan for a fun-filled family night at the Long Branch Lagoon!”

According to the Legg, this event was held not only to provide fun for kids with special needs, but also to create a network for caregivers.

“This is also a time for families to enjoy time with their loved ones,” said Legg. “Also, it gives caregivers time to visit with others traveling similar paths and new friendships to be created.”

According to the DC Run or Autism Facebook page, Craig HomeCare and Age in Place Houston, who both specialize in home care, will be attending this event.

“We are praying for good weather and a wonderful turnout,” said Legg. “If you know someone of any age with special needs, please share this event with them and their family! We want this to be a time for people, regardless of their disability, to enjoy time at the waterpark in a safe and non-judgmental environment.”

For more information, email dcrun4autism@gmail.com or visit www.facebook.com/DC-Run-for-Autism.

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