The 12th annual American Legion Legacy Run headed to Reno, Nevada, on Saturday as more than 200 riders left from Fort Dodge.

The run will cover 1,300 miles through four states.

With many of the American Legion Riders traveling from across the country to join in unified support, the American Legion Legacy Run is one of the largest multi-state, multi-day, cross-country motorcycle events in the United States.

"The purpose of the event is to raise funds for The American Legion Legacy Scholarship," said 8th District Judge Advocate Dan Stacy of Dodge City in a press release.

"Additional riders will join as they get closer to Reno."

Riders along with members of the American Legion met for a dinner on Friday at Fort Dodge where the 8th District Honor Guard performed a three-round volley and taps.

The riders left Fort Dodge where they traveled west on Highway 400 toward Dodge City turning onto Highway 56 and Highway 283 and traveling to the Flying J on Wyatt Earp Blvd where they turned west to travel through Dodge City to reach Highway 50 to travel to Garden City.

According to American Legion members that attended the event, riders were met with many onlookers who had lined Wyatt Earp Boulevard as they headed out of town.