Manna House helps a lot of people in Dodge City but recently found their ability to do compromised somewhat.

Enter the Community Foundation to save the day — and the food.

"We got a donation from the Community Foundation to replace two freezers and a refrigerator," said Steve Tabor, Manna House executive director. "It really helped us. I’m not sure if the appliances had ever been changed since Manna House opened.

"We give out a lot of food to people who need it and I didn’t want to start getting rid of food before I had to because the freezers didn’t work right."

Manna House provides food boxes for families in need from 2 to 4 p.m. At 5:30 p.m., Manna House opens for homeless people to have a safe place to stay and provides an evening meal.

While Manna House is kept up, Tabor said there are always projects needed done and volunteers needed.

"We had some volunteers come in and paint in the basement," he said. "That was back in June. The concept was the upstairs looked nice, but the basement needed to look as good as the upstairs.

"They did a great job of painting for us."

Future projects include new paint and carpet in the homeless shelter area and new mattresses for the beds.

"It’s just like living in a house," Tabor said. "We come up with one big project per year.

"Mattresses are probably the goal for next year."

Until then, Tabor is just happy to have the appliances Manna House needed.

"They weren’t working great," Tabor said of the previous appliances. "I’m pleased we got this done — working with Sears and the Community Foundation — and look forward to continuing to donate food to those who need it."


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