US Senator Pat Roberts returned to Dodge City and shared some of what he has learned and hopes to do with members of the community.

What his talk revealed is as he learns more about the farming and ranching of our nation the more he’s able to do.

Roberts is the chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee. He’s working on a Farm Bill which he hopes will be done during this session and not hang around until 2018 — an election year.

We applaud Roberts’ dedication to our nation’s agriculture industry. Our state has historically been powered economically by agriculture. While that may have softened some over the years, to a large extent the state is still powered by farmers, ranchers and the ag industry as a whole.

Talk about CRP lands, crop insurance, the trials and tribulations of farmers and most people in our area will understand. Milo isn’t well known throughout the nation, but it’s well known here.

Lately, the agriculture industry has been invaded by a new kind of farm — wind farms. Many farmers and ranchers have discovered that by adding wind turbines to their pastures and fields they can supplement their incomes.

We understand Roberts is known as "Farm guy" by President Donald Trump. We believe that’s the perfect name for the longtime member of Congress who is in charge of the Senate Agriculture Committee.

"Farm guy" stands up for agriculture. "Farm guy" sees the changes in the industry, the prices of standard crops and the fluctuations in prices. "Farm guy" spots peanuts as a valuable commodity for our nation and learns what he can about it.

"Farm guy" sticks up for farmers and ranchers. He wants to see new trade agreements to export more so that our agriculture industry grows.

Roberts is "Farm guy" and we applaud him for what he does for farmers, ranchers, southwest Kansas and our nation.