Need a rifle’s sight fine-tuned prior to hunting season? Enjoy firing a gun responsibly? Need some target practice?

The Santa Fe Trail Sportsmans Club has a deal available.

The shooting range is offering public access days the third Saturday of August, September and October. The first public access day is this Saturday.

"We want to help those who want a place to shoot in a safe environment," said publicity director Jim Johnson. "We also want to educate people about responsible shooting and safety of a gun."

People taking part in the events are asked to bring their own firearms, ammunition, eye and ear protection, paper targets, a photo identification and a signed waiver for the club. Sunscreen and bug repellant are recommended, but not required.

"We encourage everyone who want to shoot to attend," Johnson said. "There’s a $10 entry fee for every person, whether shooting or not, and we encourage everyone to attend."

Memberships are available for $100 a year. The club is also encouraging women to join or at least visit the club.

"We are considering classes geared towards women on how to correctly fire a weapon," Johnson said. "We’d really like to have more women know how to responsibly own and fire weapons."

Waivers are available at as are event rules and more information.

"We have to thank the people of Ford County and the Ford County Sheriff’s Office," Johnson said. "They own the range and we maintain it. There are times police officials will have the range and it’s unavailable for shooting.

"Other than the public access days, you must be a member to use the shooting range."

Space for the public access days is limited. Secure a spot by emailing with name, phone number and if shooting a rifle or a pistol. More information is available on the club’s Facebook page at DC Shoot Range.


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