Twice a year the Mexican Consulate in Kansas City makes a visit to Dodge City offering documentation services including Mexican Passports and Mexican ID cards or "Matricula Consular".

"These documents are available to Mexican Nationals living abroad and serve as an identification document," assistant city manager Ernestor De La Rosa said.

"They also provide assistance services with other related programs such as Mexican Citizenship, legal assistance in immigration, criminal and family law and education."

On Wednesday, city commissioners, staff and other elected officials met with the Mexican Consulate where the city discussed the possibility of providing a location for the Consulate to visit more often.

"We will extend our offer to provide rent-free space at Hennessy Hall to bring these services to Dodge City on a more frequent basis," De La Rosa said. "Currently they come to Dodge City twice a year and appointments go by fast.

"Our intent is have them here more frequently so that our residents don't have to travel to Kansas City or other locations for their services."

De La Rosa added that discussions also consisted of the needs and opportunities Mexican and those of Mexican-descent in the community face in southwest Kansas.

The Mexican Consulate will be attempting to increase their presence in southwest Kansas not just Dodge City.

The Mexican Consulate took a tour of Hennessy Hall in the lead up to possibly taking up a space.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is also located at Hennessy Hall.

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