I find the older I get, the more sleep I want.

Now, I can honestly say I have stayed up all night several times in my life. When I was younger, some of those nights were busy drinking heavily while chasing women.

It wasn’t pretty.

Thankfully, with the help of some great people I sobered up. I got married and had children. Some of these overnight issues involved children being sick. Others were because I was working (never a fun night) and some was because I was at a poker table and we never quit playing cards until the sun came up.

The work thing came up this week because well, I’m working as the sports editor as well as the managing editor because we don’t have one right now at the Daily Globe.

Thankfully, I’ve spent many of my years in journalism as a sports editor or sports writer or sports copy editor, so I can hold my own talking with coaches and understanding what they’re saying — or sometimes trying not to say.

I love sports and I enjoy writing about them, but I must admit it’s a little different when I’m also writing a column, an editorial and a couple of stories each day to make sure we have local stories in our newspaper.

So, later this week when our special sports sections arrive, most of the work is mine, at least the stories are. I need to thank all the area coaches for helping us crank these out in a short time period.

But, I’m getting off topic here.

I need sleep. It’s not normal for me to not have 8 hours a night. I usually go to bed 8 hours — or more — before the alarm goes off in the morning, but this week it hasn’t worked out real well. Those sports stories aren’t going to write themselves.

So the dang alarm rings and I drag myself out of bed each day and I think to myself "just a few more days of this and things will get easier."

But, I’m not real sure. Dodge City Community College has its season opener on Thursday night at Memorial Stadium. Dodge City High School hosts its annual Watermelon Scrimmage on Friday night at the same location, so, instead of getting off work and heading home to relax, I may be on the sidelines taking pictures and preparing to write sports stories on deadline.

Normally that would get my blood boiling and the adrenaline flowing, but I may fall asleep on my feet instead.

Don’t get me wrong. I love football and I enjoy covering both the Conquistadors and the Red Demons when I get a chance.

But my primary concern is to make sure the news is covered each and every day and by the end of that time period, I’m ready to relax, not work more.

As I’m writing this, it’s past my bed time. I want to close my eyes and rest, but I have to write this column and not embrace the slumber I so desperately want.

I’ve heard some studies have suggested that sleep isn’t needed as much when we get older. I find that hard to believe. Sleep is as vital as coffee in the morning. Sleep is needed as much as breathing. Sleep is what I crave and — if it’s not 8 hours or close to it — there’s a chance I will really be grouchy the next morning.

If I go several days being grouchy, my wife will avoid me, Bubba the rottweiler worries about me and also steers clear and, well, it’s not pleasant.

I try to be a good person at all times. I try to be nice to my co-workers and to my boss. I try, but without sleep, it’s hard.

Without sleep for several days it may be impossible.

So, I’ve spent the past few days working from early in the morning and late into the night. I’m glad my wife is watching TV that she likes because it’s noise in the background, but nothing I want to watch, so my focus doesn’t get rattled.

But as I type, I find myself craving to lay my head on a pillow. I want to drift away into La-La Land (no not the movie) and dream impossible dreams of winning Powerball. (By the time most of you read this, some couple in Ohio is already claiming that multi-million dollar prize that should be mine, but alas, I got like two numbers is all).

I’m sure someone will tell me my reward for all this hard work is to rest and sleep this weekend. It’s not millions, but it will be enough considering the time and effort I’ve put into writing this much this week.

Before I go, I must thank everyone who read my column last week and commented on it. I didn’t mind everyone who commented that it was negative, I enjoyed talking with everyone who complimented it and I thank everyone for their comments.

However, my points about social media over the past few years also were proven. People will think nothing of saying nasty insults online — such as the people who made comments about my teeth. The black tooth I have is dead — the result of an injury playing sports and requiring a root canal at an early age. I need to have it bleached white, but that costs money and I’d rather not spend on myself. So, thanks for insults too, as many on social media can’t — or won’t — be nice and have to just be mean no matter the topic.

Oh and for the record, every column I write has my name and picture with it. In the past, when I’ve "outed" social media bullies in this space the people have complained. So, it’s OK for them to post insults, but I can’t print their comments in print? Do they really believe that’s fair? Honestly, too many people on social media want to be able to be mean, but don't want their family and friends to find out. They honestly don't realize how public social media is -- and if you point it out, they panic.

Finally, despite what many of our readers believe, I’m more conservative than I am some far-left liberal. I believe in gun rights, being tough on crimes and I honestly believe anyone who hurts or sexually abuses a child should be put to death — not kept alive in jails and fed each day.

I just didn’t think our president’s response to Neo-Nazi idiots was appropriate nor a joking matter.


Roger Bluhm is the managing editor of the Dodge City Daily Globe. Follow him on Twitter @roger_dcglobe or email him at rbluhm@dodgeglobe.com.