During a severe thunderstorm on Sunday evening, a power outage was caused by transmission structures falling down.

According to Victory Electric, at about 5:23 p.m. Sunday night during the storm, Sunflower Electric, Victory Electric’s power provider, had two 115kV transmission structures go down a quarter mile west of 14th Avenue on Highway 56 in Dodge City.

Victory has both three-phase and single-phase distribution underbuild on those structures.

The company was able to reroute power and had electricity restored to members within an hour to an hour and a half.


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Sunflower Electric crews were able to temporarily stand the poles up on Sunday evening, and Victory will work with Sunflower crews this week to replace the two damaged structures. Victory Electric anticipates only one residential meter to be off during the structure replacement. According to a post from Victory Electric on Facebook, power was lost in parts of Dodge City as well as in Ensign, Cimarron, Copeland, Montezuma, Ingalls, Jetmore and Wilroads Garden.