No shirt, no pants, no service.

A unique situation took place at Dodge City Community College on Wednesday when a male subject reportedly nude, was running around campus.

In a press release from the Dodge City Police Department Facebook page, "It was reported that the male was acting strange and throwing trash around the parking lot," the press release said. "When officers arrived they were able to locate him near the cafeteria still completely nude.

"When the male was located he was damaging property and later began throwing items at officers.

"The male was tased and taken into custody without further incident or injury.

"He was later charged with assault on a law enforcement officer, criminal damage, disorderly conduct, and public nudity.

"No officers were injured and the male was provided medical attention for the taser deployment."

Several photos and videos of the subject running along campus were posted on social media with several students unaware of what was taking place.

"I just saw police when I got there," student Brandi Goracke said. "I saw an ambulance pull in and wondered what was going on."

Goracke was in her nursing 101 class when the streaking was taking place.

Speaking with DCPD Chief Drew Francis, the subject was not a student at the college.

"I don't believe he is a student," Francis said. "I cannot say for sure whether there is any psychological issues or drugs involved but we did request a screening by Compass (Behavioral Health) to be performed prior to a release from custody.

"Those findings of course are protected medical information so nothing will be released in reference to the results.

"It was confirmed by vice president of student affairs and risk management of DCCC Bev Temaat that the student union of the college was put on lockdown when the incident began.

"It started when the person entered the cafeteria without a shirt on and was asked to leave because it was not in accordance with cafeteria expectations," Temaat said. "He then left the student union, some time went by, then he came back and when he did he was nude and began acting erratically.

"That's when the police and security were contacted and I must commend them for arriving as quickly as they did."

Temaat added that plans were being put in place for a full campus lockdown but it was determined that since the subject did not have a weapon and only stayed near the student union and was not going building to building, a full campus lockdown was not necessary.

"It was a contained incident," she said. "But we were ready to do the lockdown.

"I would also like to say that the person was not a student, employee and has never been enrolled at DCCC."

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