Fall brings many things — cooler temperatures, football, the return of school and fall harvest.

The last two of that list should be a reminder to our area’s drivers to use caution on the roads this time of the year as school children are walking to school, riding school buses which make several stops on a route and often not paying attention to their surroundings.

Focus is the biggest danger for school children and drivers alike.

Drivers need to be focused on their surroundings, other drivers, children walking to or from school.

School children need to be focused on their surroundings, cars on the road and the dangers of more vehicles in an area, say in front of a school.

It’s important for everyone to know the dangers. School buses will run most weekdays early in the morning and late afternoon. Drivers — in both directions — must stop when a buses red lights are shown. This allows a bus driver to keep the red lights flashing to allow children to cross the road safely.

This is something we all learned in driver’s education or by studying for our driver’s license. Yet, every year there are reports of drivers ignoring bus lights, not stopping in the opposing lane or speeding through school zones.

Harvest time brings its own road dangers.

Grain trucks turn on and off highways from farms. Tractors or combines use highways to go from field to field.

Our drivers need to be aware on our state’s roads of the possibility of farm traffic. Diligence is needed as we travel next to farms.

Take care on our roads during the school year and the annual harvest. Let’s make sure we maintain focus, stay safe and protect our area’s students and farmers.