A hankering for ice cream during a holiday is a good thing for animals.

On Labor Day, Dairy Queen of Dodge City will donate $1 from every blizzard sold that day to Ford County Humane Society and Pet Miracle.

"That’s all day on Labor Day," said Shari Perkins, a longtime board member of the local humane society. "We need bedding, cleaning supplies, dry food, and upkeep for two transportation vans.

"Most of the money we get from the donations on Labor Day will go towards that."

The Ford County Humane Society does what it can to save local animals. However, the group also makes sure pets get moved quickly to make sure they have the best chance at finding homes.

"We make trips to rescue groups about once a week to Denver," Perkins said. "We’ve had a lot of people come up and say, ‘I wanted to adopt that one,’ but they aren’t quick enough.

"We send them on to rescues in Denver so they have their best chance at finding a forever home."

Perkins suggests anyone looking for a new pet to check out the Ford County Humane Society page on petfinder.com.

"We update it all the time," she said. "But, we also don’t keep animals around long. We want every dog and cat to be saved and it seems to be easier to keep animals and find forever homes if they are moved to Denver."

Kathryn Swinney, who owns and manages Dairy Queen with her son Ryan, is a pet lover and wanted to help the local humane society.

"Dogs shouldn’t have ice cream, so we have doggie treats to give to dogs who come through our drive through," Swinney said. "We love pets and wanted to help the humane society and Pet Miracles, so we thought this would be a good idea."

The Swinneys thought it would have a bigger impact if they made the donation for the entire day, not just for a few hours on the holiday.

"We want this to make a difference," Swinney said. "We won’t be having dogs and cats in the business, but we wanted to help them in an impactful way, so we thought this would be the best bet."

Dairy Queen will be open Labor Day 11 a.m. until 10 p.m.