Jake Owen is having fun with his family.

That’s Owen’s take on the the American Love Tour which he and his band are on.

"This is a family," Owen said. "We have a lot of fun with one another, but we have our ups and downs, and how we respond to it is important.

"I’m fortunate to have these men and women with me and I’m blessed to help them care for their families."

Owen has been recording music since 2006 and his success since his first album — Startin’ with Me — and has been rising ever since.

His second album, 2009’s Easy Does It, featured top 5 hit Don’t Think I Can’t Love You and later spawned Eight Second Ride.

Two more hit albums followed — Barefoot Blue Jean Night and Days of Gold — before he released American Love in late July.

"We’ve been focused on us," Owen said on when he hears people say his success has been immediate. "People are going to say whatever they want to, but I’ve been working hard, with these people, to be a success and I just enjoy the successes and the struggles we have with each other."

Owen has recently become known for flamingos. When taking a cruise to Key West in his old Volkswagen bus, he and his band picked up a flamingo.

"Since then, we’ve been known for flamingos," Owens said. "So, I like to have fun with it. Right now we’re featuring a ‘Name the Flamingo’ contest for our shows.

"I just like hearing our fans’ suggestions and, along with it, we’ll have a contest for some tickets."

To that end, Owen posted on Facebook for fans to comment some creative names and he’ll give away a pair of tickets to Friday’s show in Dodge City.

The tour has been very successful for Owen, with three straight sold out shows in Dewey Beach, Delaware; Baltimore, Maryland; and Louisville, Kentucky.

"The heat index was unreal every night, but, people still showed up to have a good time and it was awesome," said Owen. "No matter what, my goal is to make sure everyone around me is having fun, especially our fans. We bring the beach with us to every show and I’m pumped to know we had three sold-out shows. I’m trying to promote positivity and put smiles on people’s faces one show at a time."

Owen’s single, "Good Company," is a song that reflects the way he likes to live life and is currently climbing the country radio charts.

The finishing touches are being made on Owen’s "Good Company World Tour," which will include arenas and theaters in America as well as Canada and a European tour in 2018.

"Yeah, we’re going to be on the road for a while," Owen said. "But, we’re going to bring some fun to fans and enjoy ourselves every step of the way."


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