Property owner Mike Klein made a proposal to the county commission on Monday to build an RV park and campground on his property 2 miles south of Dodge City near 11105 Primrose Road.

Klein had previously been approved for the development from the Ford County zoning board.

According to zoning director Mark Shriwise, Klein had gone through the proper channels according to article 19 of zoning requirements as well as the proper legal counsel.

Some concerns had been raised by surrounding property owners regarding the noise level of the area as well as the potential for late night "partying."

"We had filed a petition but it had been ruled invalid," property owner Mark Dirks said. "But they did demonstrate our objections from Mike's neighbors.

"Some of the areas Mike wanted to have a bath house and party area at are 175 feet from my house.

"Another thing I feel is that the value of the property will decrease as well as the quality of living if this is built.

"It will effect all of us in a negative way.

"We moved out there to get away from the city and it is a place for my grandchildren to play outside without having to worry."

The petition against the development that was deemed invalid was due to the notarized petition having conflicting dates of when they were filed.

According to the commission, the zoning board meeting took place on July 24 with the petition filed on July 25.

However, the year of the petition was dated 2016 instead of 2017.

"I can look over that as a technicality," commissioner Shawn Tasset said. "But some of the other dates had July 13, July 18 on them that were signed prior to the zoning meeting taking place.

"What it tells me is that we have an inadequate system in place for people to protest with zoning cases."

Dirks, along with property owner Raymond Williams, indicated that the petition paperwork was given through an attorney and had gone to the Ford County Clerk and it was until days later that issue of the dates was risen.

Regarding the noise and traffic, Williams added that, "On Highway 283  people don't drive the speed limit. The county would have to put in a turning lane and the tax payers shouldn't have to pay for it.

"It will add 100 more trailers to the traffic that is already there.

"I've talked to a lot of people that live at RV parks and they like to party all night."

Klein had also presented that Kansas Department of Transportation did an evaluation on the traffic along the highway per day.

"They said the noise and traffic is nothing new that isn't already there," Klein said. "I would also be putting in shelters to have antique and muscle cars on display along with the parking lot, storage and maintenance shop."

When it came down to the vote Tasset said, "The burden of proof is on the protestors to provide the burden of proof on why the project should not be made.

"Now with the petition, it went through several peoples hand before it the dates were recognized so I do not hold that against them.

"But I will follow the recommendations of the zoning board, legal counsel and legal information to make the best decision."

Commissioner Chris Boys said, "After weighing all of this, it comes down to property owners have rights to their property."

Commissioner Ken Snook said, "Mike drew a wonderful picture and when the conditional use permit is a go, Mark says it's a go, then as a we have the right to approve for the property owner."

The conditional use permit for the RV park was approved unanimously.

It was also stated that the commissioners would have the right to renege the conditional use permit if the standards agreed on are not met.

Commissioners also approved the off-system bridge 31 engineers agreement for the Duck Creek bridge near 114 Road and Garnett.

The agreement would be for $33,200 for the survey and design for the realignment of the road to remove most of the curves.

Funding would be from the special bridge fund.

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