City commissioners on Tuesday approved a vacation ordinance for residential development on Robin Road.

The vacation will be the eastern most portion of the Robin Road Right-of-Way where it dead ends into Summerlon retention pond.

The development was requested by Lee Cole and according to city staff, all utility companies have been made aware of the residential development and do not object for this to occur.

In the request, Cole plans to make the lot at the Robin Road location fully occupied.

A change order was also approved for the 4th Avenue reconstruction project for an increase of $29,844.36.

According to director of engineering Ray Slattery, pavement removal was needed near the new Holiday Inn Express site along with the removal of two existing inlet boxes and two new inlets will be constructed.

A 4-inch sidewalk was added to the construction along the west side of 4th Avenue in front of the hotel.

Reinforced pavement was also added to the parking area of the hotel as an insurance for large truck traffic parking on the pavement.

City commissioners also approved a consulting service agreement with Weaver and Tidwell in bringing the biogas facility online.

Part of the agreement is that a compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency regulations is required and Weaver and Tidwell will provide that service.

The services will be billed at an hourly rate when services are actually provided.

This agreement will put the city closer to completing the upgraded biogas system at the south water waste treatment plant where they will be selling gas generated to Kwik Trip.

All approvals were made unanimously.

Commissioners Kent Smoll and Joyce Warshaw were absent from the meeting and did not vote.

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