Locked in and under the clock, do you think you have it takes to escape?

The Dodge City Library wants to put you to the test when it hosts the first Escape Room, this Friday and Saturday.

"Escape rooms are a type of adventure where a team of people are 'locked' inside a room and they must solve a series of puzzles, find clues and use critical thinking to escape the room within a fixed time limit," said Rozanna Bennett, MLS youth librarian. "This is a fairly new trend for entertainment family activities and has been growing over the past few years.

"It is now growing popularity in libraries. I had always wanted to try one, but hadn’t had the opportunity, so this summer I decided to create one for the teens.

"I enjoyed building it and it went over well, so I thought I’d expand it and continue to do them over the fall for all ages."

When in the escape room, teams will have 1 hour to escape.

There will be two rooms running each with a different theme.

"Themes will change each month," Bennett said. "For September, Room A is Wizard of Oz and is designed for younger ages and families.

"Room B is designed for teens and adults at a more advanced skill level and it’s theme will be the Mystery of Titanic."

Bennett added that the escape rooms will be held one weekend a month from this weekend through December.

"Plans for the spring will be contingent upon the success of this season," she said. "It is a new thing for the library, so bear with us as we continue to learn and adapt as we develop these activities."

Registration is required to attend, contact DCPL at 620-225-0248 to register.

Times for the escape room will vary on registrations.

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