Lt. Enrique Coreano is heading to Texas.

One of two — along with his wife — leaders of the Dodge City Salvation Army is being deployed to the Houston, Texas, area to help with hurricane relief.

"We’re being deployed for Spiritual and Emotional Care," Coreano said on Wednesday. "It’s a 2-week deployment.

"Our group, Kansas and western Missouri, already had a team down there, but they are on their way back and another group is heading down."

Travel plans were still being finalized on Wednesday morning.

"We know we’re going and we’re leaving soon," the lieutenant said. "There’s just a lot of moving parts involved."

Hurricane Harvey hit the Houston area about 2 weeks ago. The high winds did some damage, but the rains — more than 50 inches in several locations — created devastating floods throughout the area.

"We are going to help whoever we can in whatever we can," Coreano said. "It’s part of what we do at the Salvation Army, help those in need."

According to information provided by the Salvation Army, Hurricane Harvey relief efforts have included 77 active feeding units, served more than 400,000 meals, distributed 6,196 food boxes, distributed more than 9,000 comfort kids and more than 2,800 clean-up kits and offered shelter for more than 2,700 residents.

According to the Salvation Army, 100 percent of all donations earmarked for relief go to help hurricane relief efforts. To contribute visit

While Coreano is about to embark on relief work in Texas, the local Salvation Army is trying to distribute wildfire relief funds in southwest Kansas.

"We helped a lot of people after the wildfires hit in the area," said Christine Coreano. "Now we can’t get a hold of any of them.

"We’ve got money to give people, but can’t find them anywhere."

According to the Coreanos the Salvation Army national office provided a grant to help wildfire victims. Whatever money isn’t handed out will be sent back in October.

"The money can be used for a down payment on a new house, a deposit for a rental, to buy furniture," Enrique said. "We really need those affected by the wildfire to at least get in touch with us and see if we can give them some relief funds."

For more information, contact the Dodge City office at 620-225-4871.


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