It took just 4 months for construction to complete the McDonald's restaurant on West Wyatt Earp Boulevard.

The new facility will feature what owner Jamie Kuehl calls, "The experience of the future."

"We are getting to the cutting edge of McDonald's," he told the attendee's during ribbon cutting Wednesday. "We are getting to the front end of it with new equipment in the back as well as a self-order station among the new renovations.

"We are excited to bring it to you."

When construction began in May of this year, the south McDonald's crew was posted at the north McDonald's restaurant located in the Village Square Mall parking lot.

With the opening today to their 24-hours-a-day schedule, the crew will return starting at 6 a.m.

"I applaud these guys," Kuehl said. "They work their tails off to make your days great and will continue to bring great service to the community.

"It is a big day in our lives and to Dodge City. We can't wait to serve you guys daily."

Kuehl, along with his wife Kelsey, purchased the McDonald's franchise in Dodge City in July 2015 and quickly went on to build the north restaurant location.

The couple had helped run restaurants in Hays after graduating from Hamburger University.

They moved to Dodge City in June 2015.

Despite recent weather, the construction for the newly rebuilt south restaurant went well.

"We are right where we needed to be," Jamie said. "We are excited to get started."

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