David Roberts doesn't like to sit at home.

The 73-year-old former software engineer from Maryland began weaving his way across the country as he is calls it, in 2014.

"I hiked the Appalachian Trail and thought it was such an awesome experience that I didn't want to stop," he said. "I didn't want to sit at home. I wanted to be in the outdoors and wanted to see places I haven't seen."

After the Appalachian Trail, Roberts went from Maine down Key West, Florida, biking and took the Florida Trail.

"I then biked up to Minnesota so I could paddle down the Mississippi River," said Roberts. "When I got there I sold my bike and bought a kayak to take down.

"When I got there I sold my kayak so I could hike the Continental Divide Trail in the Rocky Mountains.

"On my way there I walked through 37 state parks in Texas, the wildlife and parks team in Texas heard about me and made a video of me walking the parks.

"It was really neat."

Roberts then made it to Montana where he again bought a kayak and went down the Missouri River when snags started to take place.

"My kayak was stolen in North Dakota," he said. "It happened to me twice so I told myself next time I paddle a river I won't do it alone.

"So I sent for a bike to be mailed to me from home to North Dakota."

Roberts aimed his sites at the Pacific Crest Trail in California.

He made his way towards Kansas when a particular event caught his eye.

"The eclipse," he said. "I had been hearing about it and knew I was close to St. Joseph's, Missouri, and wanted to get there in time to see it cross over head but at the rate I was going I was going to get there 3 weeks sooner then needed.

"So I visited 12 state parks in Minnesota, two in South Dakota, seven in Nebraska, nine in Missouri and eight in Kansas.

"I did it to slow myself down to get to Missouri by Aug. 21."

When Roberts reached his eclipse spot, at around 1:10 p.m. on Aug. 21, the rain came.

"I saw the eclipse for less than a second," he said. "The clouds opened up just in time for me to get a glimpse but not enough time to take any photos of it, so I continued through Kansas."

While in Missouri, Roberts lost his drivers license, making him unable to rent a car or stay at any hotels.

He camped out at the Kiowa State Fishing Lake in Greensburg when more issues took place.

"My bike got a flat, two actually," he said. "So I replaced them and went on my way only to get a flat tire in Kingsdown. So I walked my bike to Minneola which made the tire and frame worse.

"I was able to store my bike at the Minneola police department and started walking to Dodge City to take the Amtrak."

Roberts plans on returning to Maryland to be able to get a new driver's license and bicycle repair kits in order to return to Minneola to get his bike and head to California.

"It will take me about 32 days to get to Campos, California," he said. "That's 50 miles a day at 1,600 miles to cover. I should get there by Oct. 20."

After retiring in 2002, Roberts joined the Peace Corps and at one point sailed across the Atlantic Ocean.

"I just don't want to stay at home," he said. "I want adventure."

Roberts has set up a blog site at https://elusive.blog where he has his trails mapped out along with how many miles and days he has covered each trail.

"There is a map and itinerary of every place I stopped," he said. "I call each locations legs and I am on leg 9 now. But I am going to return home, get things together and head back out."

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