Executive Chef Steve Southern is hoping some fresh changes brings in more people to Petro-Guymon.

"We’re sort of starting from behind the 8 ball a little," the chef admitted in an interview with the Daily Globe. "I think we got a reputation early and we’re fighting it, but I think when customers try us, they’ll keep coming back.

"I’ve been doing this a long time and it’s the one thing I know how to do."

Southern has 37 years of experience, having moved to Dodge City from Garden City, where he was general manager of Samy’s Spirits and Steakhouse.

Now, he’s adapted the menu at Petro-Guymon, bringing in certified Angus beef and marrying fresh beef with fresh vegetables and even lowering many of the prices.

"When they started here, the menu had just a 14-ounce prime rib for $38 dollars," Southern said. "Some people don’t want that much meat or that big of a meal.

"Now, we offer a 10-ounce prime rib for $22."

Southern said the restaurant is also offering daily specials, including Tuesday’s Taco Tuesday, which featured steak tacos with Mexican rice for $8.

"I trust my steak tacos," Southern said. "I authored the menu for two Mexican restaurants in Texas, so  I know these steak tacos are good."

In a bid to benefit sports fans, there are food and drink specials on Thursday night and Sunday for NFL games as well as for Saturday college football fans.

"We also have a great Sunday brunch," Southern said. "It’s big — with an omelet station, a mac and cheese station, at least four entrees, side dishes, traditional breakfast items and more — there’s something for everyone and it’s under $20 a person."

For something a little different, Southern’s menu offers candied bacon, which he can’t believe isn’t ordered more, and corn fritters. The fritters have jalapeño in them and comes with a creamy honey sauce for dipping.

"All of our beef offerings do well, from steaks to burgers," Southern said. "Our pork chops are good, but we’re in beef country, so, despite the fact they’re good, they aren’t ordered much."

Southern also offers maple bacon donut holes on the appetizer menu. The unique salty-sweet bite provides a good appetizer or can work as a dessert.

"People go crazy for these," Southern said while offering one. "Like a lot of our food, it receives great feedback, we just need more people to visit us and become regulars."

Southern hopes business picks up with the opening of the Holiday Inn Express across the street, but believes as more local people try the eatery again, that word will spread of the food and pricing.

"We believe in what we do and what we offer," Southern said. "We just want people to come by and give us a chance to win them over."


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