When a tornado took out the Ford County landfill infrastructure in May 2016, the plans to rebuild began but have been a slow process.

At the Ford County commission meeting on Monday, a contract with Building Solutions was amended to meet county specifications for the replacement infrastructure of the new building.

Commissioner Chris Boys made the motion of the amendment which included giving the county administrator authority to enter into the contract pending legal review.

The commissioners also approved an agreement with Terracon Construction for the engineering services of phase five for the landfill along with officially closing two parcels.

"We would close covenants one and two that began 2 years ago that have been completed pending Kansas Department of Health and Environment approval," Commissioner Shawn Tassett said.

The budgeted amount of the engineering services agreement would be for $129,000 which then be put out to bid.

The commissioners also approved the installation of turf at Legend's Park in partnership with the city.

The budget for the installation was for $500,000 however the estimate for the project came in at $610,000.

"The two options available," parks and recreation director Paul Lewis said, "are to accept the bid as is or go to rebid based on the revised drawing.

"I will say that if it goes to rebid, it may be difficult to get done for the 2018 season.

"I don't think there would be substantial changes done to the current status of the fields.

"The turf would improve the playability and availability to the fields."

Another agreement for the turf would be a partnership with school district USD 443 and Dodge City Community College.

According to Lewis, USD 443 has agreed and finalized a partnership to allocate $100,000 towards the turf project with a verbal agreement from DCCC to do the same.

"I believe that at the joint city, county meeting we approved this pending the agreement we would get additional funding from 443 and DCCC," Tassett said.

Questions were then raised that if the additional money was on top of the $610,000 or would that reduce the amount.

"It would reduce the amount," Lewis said. "The 443 has already agreed to the $100,000 which would make the total $510,000 and then $410,000 once the agreement with DCCC is finalized."

The commissioners approved the turf bid agreement unanimously 3-0.

The turf bid would then be voted on at the city commission meeting.

Commissioners also approved a network infrastructure for the Spillman Project for the Computer Aided Dispatch hardware for the Ford County Sheriff, Ford County Communications and county IT departments.

The agreement made was to not exceed $105,000 for the network assessment for the hardware.

The county would go into a 5-year contract with 3.7 percent interest that according to County Administrator J.D. Gilbert, would be paid in full before the first year of interest took place.

The hardware required is for the communications and sheriff's office statute requirements that are needed to be followed.

The CAD system is the hardware used for sheriff's office and communications reports.

Funds for the CAD network assessment would come from the capital improvements for 2018 budget.

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