Bringing life into the world is already a great job, but now the employees at The Family Birth Center at Western Plains Medical Complex have even more to celebrate.

WPMC recently announced The Family Birth Center was named as the recipient of the Healthstream Excellence Through Insight Award.

The HealthStream Awards of Excellence acknowledge exceptional performance achieved by healthcare organizations with the use of our solutions — spotlighting innovative programs and superior leadership that support organizational excellence, workforce development, patient experience, employee engagement, positive community perception and more. It is an honor to recognize our customers’ dedication to methods and processes that lead to quality improvements and, in turn, improved patient outcomes.

This award recognizes healthcare organizations that excel in their ability to gain insight into their patients, employees, physicians and consumers through research and use that information to build excellence within their organization.

"It’s a big thing to be open here just over a year," said director Ranae Riley. "We implemented a culture change in 2014 where we wanted to put the patient first."

Award winners are recognized in each of the following categories based on data from the 2016 calendar year:

Overall physician satisfaction; overall employee satisfaction; community highest perception of quality (overall quality score in the primary service area); overall inpatient (HCAHPS) satisfaction;  overall emergency department satisfaction overall outpatient satisfaction’ and unit specific awards. 

They award one hospital per award per category. The specific category the Family Birth Center won was the inpatient – OB/GYN.

"This is great news," Riley said. "To many people, this is a great place to give birth, but it’s still the care patients receive that can make or break an experience.

"Our staff does a great job of making sure the parents are OK and that everything goes as smoothly as possible. We want to make their stay with us as pleasant as possible."


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