On a night which capped homecoming week at Dodge City High School, the Red Demons struggled on the football field, falling to the Great Bend Panthers 38-13 Friday night.

It was a windy-day in Dodge City as a constant but gusty-wind blew from the south through Memorial Stadium. In it, the Panthers and Red Demons exchanged breakout passes, long runs, and scores for most of the game.

The Panthers scored on their first drive of the game on a run up the center for a touchdown. That gave the Panthers a 7-0 lead.

On the fourth drive for the Red Demons, sophomore quarterback Beau Foster threw an incompletion. Then, after a timeout by the Red Demons and deep in their own territory, Foster completed a pass to senior wide receiver Dawson Williams in the center of the field. Williams broke free and took it to the end zone for a 79-yard touchdown.

It was one of the shining moments for Foster. On the next drive for the Red Demons he got another, engineering a drive that was a combination of passes and long runs which took the Red Demons all the way down the field, culminating with an eight-yard touchdown run by Foster that put the Red Demons up 13-7 after a missed extra-point attempt.

The lead didn’t last long however, as the Panthers’ quarterback executed a three-play, 88-yard drive down the field for a touchdown. After the Panthers made the extra-point, they took the lead 14-13. It was the final time the lead changed hands in the game.

Red Demons head coach Dave Foster said the Red Demons had multiple opportunities in Friday night’s game.

“From the very start of the game on fourth down we had the dropped touchdown pass,” Foster said. “We gave some things up. (On) the short-field turnover, Beau and the running back don’t get a good mesh, the ball’s laying on the on the carpet, they get it at the five: Easy score.”

That was just one of many, he said.

“We had so many opportunities to win that football game,” Foster said. “I’m very disappointed for the kids that did that on homecoming night, but this is who we are. Right now, this is who we are.”

The team will look to improve when they head to Wichita to play Wichita-South next Friday at 7 p.m.