Both Dodge City Community College attorney Glenn Kerbs and Great Bend lawyer Allen Glenndenning took exception to what was said by another attorney recently.

A Kansas Board of Regents investigation resulted in the college having to repay $8,900 in mis-used Carl Perkins Grant federal funds. The investigation noted several trips to Colorado over 7 years and also noted that former executive vice president Danny Gillum was the administrator in charge over the program.

Gillian’s attorney Michael Giardine of Grey County released a statement, which both Kerbs and Glenndenning wished to reply to.

Here is the statement by Kerbs:

"Attorney Mike Giardine’s statement on behalf of his client, Danny Gillum, which appeared in the Dodge City Daily Globe on September 26, 2017, includes allegations and claims which are simply untrue.

"The impetus of the article was not the investigation conducted by Allen Glendenning, but rather a finding made by the Kansas Board of Regents that Carl Perkins grant funds had been misused. The misuse of the federal grant funds was approved by Mr. Gillum in his administrative capacity with Dodge City Community College. It was the determination of the Kansas Board of Regents, not Dodge City Community College, that the funds used for the trip to Cripple Creek, Colorado, were misused and must be paid back.

"Mr. Giardine’s claim the Glendenning investigation was, ‘a smear campaign initiated and orchestrated by (president) Harold Nolte and his acolytes’ is not true. The investigation was initiated by the board of trustees after the college auditors alerted the board the college owned a cache of guns, ammunition and related equipment clearly in excess of any possible needs of the college.

"Contrary to Mr. Giardine’s assertions, the board of trustees — not the college administration — hired Allen Glendenning to conduct an independent investigation. The board requested and received a fair and unbiased investigation from Mr. Glendenning.

"Mr. Giardine claims the investigation was a ‘witch hunt.’ The challenging of Mr. Glendenning’s integrity in conducting the investigation is unfair and unwarranted. It appears Mr. Giardine and his client have lapsed into attacking the messenger because the message doesn’t bode well for them."

Glenndenning also addressed Giardine’s statement on behalf of Gillum. Here is his statement:

"I was initially asked to find answers to some questions about why the college had acquired certain property. In looking into those questions, information raising more questions came up and those questions were looked into.

"When questions came up related to programs using Carl Perkins grant funds, the college chose to be proactive and alerted the KBOR to the investigation. The KBOR requested that I provide a report of my findings at the completion of that portion of my investigation.

"The report I provided to the KBOR did not make any conclusions as to any wrong doing on anyone’s part. I reported undisputed facts shown by the records and admitted to, about who attended the Mountain Rescue trips and who received Carl Perkins funds either directly or by way of expense coverage.

"I also provided KBOR with the explanations provided by Mr. Gillum and Mr. Unruh as to why they believed the expenditures were proper. I would have been delighted if the KBOR had concluded that there were no problems. Unfortunately, for the college, that was not what they concluded, based on the undisputed facts. The KBOR did not accept the offered justification of ‘professional development,’ particularly for the payment of expenses for persons who were not instructors in the Fire Science program or its rappelling and Mountain Rescue courses.

"The report to the KBOR concerning the Colorado trips was not an attack on anyone, certainly not on Mr. Gillum’s extended family. Only one of the Colorado trips, out of the eight, included the Weils. And the money spent on their expenses, that the KBOR determined to be improper, was a small part of the total amount it determined was improperly spent.

"I was retained by the board, not Dr. Nolte. I did not take any direction from Dr. Nolte concerning my investigation, nor did he attempt to provide any. At no time did I receive any pressure from anyone as to what my conclusions should be or how my investigation should be conducted. The hyperbolic allegations that the investigation was a ‘witch hunt’ and the’fruition of a smear campaign initiated and orchestrated by Dr. Nolte and his acolytes’ and that I was ‘tasked solely with developing facts to infer impropriety on the part of Danny Gillum,’ are simply false.

Gillum resigned his position about a year ago after spending more than 20 years at the college in various roles. At the time of his resignation neither he nor Nolte would address why Gillum resigned.

Glenndenning turned over his investigation to the board of trustees in the summer. Part of the investigation was released, but not the full report as the investigation revealed a former administrator had misused his position in a possibly unlawful manner. The administrator’s name was never released and the investigation report was given to the Ford County Attorneys Office for possible charges.

According to the Ford County Attorney’s Office the case is still under investigation and they have no comment on the case.

Gillum has never been identified by any official of the county, or the college, as being the administrator involved in the case.


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