Need a medical test? Would you like a flu shot?

Victory Electric’s annual Health Fair is today at Western State Bank Expo. The event brings the public together with health care officials each year.

"We do this every year to try and bring services to most people," said Jerri Imgarten, coordinator of the event and also the marketing and communications manager of Victory Electric. "We wouldn’t be able to do an event like this if health care officials and doctors didn’t embrace the event and help support us.

"We really appreciate them and all of our sponsors who help to keep costs low."

Only two tests — blood draws are $12 and flu shots are $15 — cost money, but the rest is free. The Health Fair offers mammograms, pap smears and more.

"We won’t have any dentist here or skin tests this year," Imgarten said. "But Gibson’s Pharmacy and the hospital pharmacy are offering free, safe disposal of old medications.

"Plus, the Walk to End Alzheimers will have their annual benefit walk at the same time, like they did last year. We joined together last year so we wouldn’t split people who wanted to attend both."

One new thing is for those who are expecting, or have recently had children.

"United Healthcare is sponsoring something called a Community Baby Shower," Imgarten said. "I’m guessing it’s a come-and-go thing during the Health Fair hours."

Imgarten said the annual event is just one of the ways Victory Electric gives back to the community and tries to help the area and its customers.

"This is one of our favorite events every year," Imgarten said. "We really enjoy it and it’s a great way to get people — some without insurance or other means — to see a healthcare official."


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