Gas prices are slowly moving down after a sharp uprise due to hurricanes hitting Texas and Florida.

Local gas prices dropped at several locations in Dodge City recently. Love’s, Kwik Shops, Flying J, Murphy USA and more were listed at $2.23 on Wednesday.

Several stations were listed at $2.27 to $2.29 a few days earlier, but all fell back to $2.23 as of midweek.

Prices are down 3 cents since last week, according to both and AAA Kansas.

"For a third straight week, the majority of states saw average pump prices for gasoline fall as refineries affected by Hurricane Harvey in late August continued to show signs of being on the mend," said Dan McTeague,  senior petroleum analyst for "All the more remarkable when you consider that oil prices, which rose over $5 a barrel in September, did not prevent gasoline prices from declining and that momentum is likely to continue with another decrease for the week ahead.

"Though last week witnessed pump price increases in the Great Lakes, this can be traced to the price cycling behavior of the region, which means these states will see prices fall to start the week. Nationwide, many drivers continue to express frustration that the decreases aren’t reflecting pre-Harvey pump prices. As noted last week by Patrick DeHaan, head of petroleum analysis at, ‘it will take weeks or months to see gasoline inventories recover fully, but prices will continue to slowly drift lower as inventories improve.’"

AAA Kansas agrees.

"Our part of the country has enjoyed the lowest prices in the nation of late, but from a national perspective, we’re seeing the highest cost for gas as we head into October in the past 2 years," said AAA Kansas spokesperson Shawn Steward. "We still expect to see our usual autumn drop in gas prices, but it looks like that is happening slower than normal, as oil refineries continue to recover and return to full operations after the recent hurricanes."

According to AAA Kansas, Oklahoma currently has the lowest gas prices in the nation, with an average of $2.26. Kansas is ranked No. 5 with a $2.34 average.

Nationally, oil reserves have fallen dramatically, but crude prices have not risen as winter nears and fewer vehicles are on the roads. Traditionally, fall gas prices drop as demand falls into the winter months.


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