Miguel Angel Mendes-Sanchez, 19, was arrested on Oct. 4, according to Ford County Sheriff Bill Carr, from an incident where a shooting occurred near Beeson Road and Minneola Road in July of this year.

Mendes-Sanchez has been charged with attempted murder in the second degree as well as aggravated assault, using of a deadly weapon; stalking; reckless conduct causing fear to a person or family member; aggravated endangering a child; reckless situation to child under 18 years of age; battery; reckless driving; disorderly conduct and brawling or fighting.

Carr stated the case is still an on-going investigation and could not comment further.

It must also be noted that in today's daily record, Mendes-Sanchez was listed as having been charged of murder in the second degree; intentional, that was incorrect.

The Daily Globe regrets the error.

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