The Cloud County Community College Thunderbirds beat the Dodge City Conquistadors mens team 4-1 on a foggy Wednesday night in Dodge City, Kansas.

Dodge City sophomore midfielder Abel Chevelon had the Conquistadors’ lone goal in a game which the Conquistadors played most of shorthanded.

In the seventh minute, while down 1-0, Dodge City sophomore goalkeeper Angelo Neto got a red card.

The Conquistadors generated some strong stretches of attacking play, but it wasn’t enough against the Thunderbirds, who attacked early and often. The game ended a two-game winning streak by the Conquistadors.

“It was just heartbreaking,” Dodge City head coach Oscar Zelaya said.

The team knew coming out at halftime that if they didn’t play well, the game wouldn’t work out, Zelaya said.

“It was hard,” Zelaya said. “On the field you can tell everybody (is) just pushing everybody up and trying to work for each other, and that’s when you can see a teammate. That’s when you can see teams.”

Zelaya said games like that have to be measured by how the team plays and fights, not by the win or loss.

“Especially today, even though we were down the whole time, we can see that there’s a team out there, and that’s the good thing,” Zelaya said. “A loss is a loss, but I’ll take the good thing about it.”

The Conquistadors next head to Hesston, Kansas to play against Hesston Community College on Saturday night. The mens game is scheduled for 7 p.m.