JETMORE — The Friday night storm that crossed southwest Kansas left residents of Jetmore without power.

According to the city of Jetmore, at around 6:30 p.m. Friday, the storm knocked out several miles worth of power lines and poles on K156 closing the highway from Highway 283 to Highway 183.

As crews began working on the outage, the backup generator malfunctioned when it was reported that a bearing broke.

On the City of Jetmore Facebook page it was posted that the bearing is fused to the shaft and machine work, offsite, is necessary to make the generator whole.

Jetmore crews then began to work on getting backup power to keep water and sewers flowing.

Despite the issues, Jetmore city administrator Michael Ort, was optimistic on Sunday.

"Things are going well for the most part," he said. "Some folks are understandably frustrated with our circumstance. I have heard reports of meat and other perishables going bad because of the outage, but I've also heard a lot of reports of folks reaching out and helping one another.

"I myself am using a generator that someone just offered to let me use. I have no lights, but my fridge and freezer are cold.

"Folks in their public conversation have mostly been positive and extremely supportive of our city staff and their efforts.

"These guys have definitely gone above and beyond. According to Midwest (Energy) we should have power back on early (Monday), so all in all this was a pretty mild and successful crisis I think."

During the outage, the Jetmore courthouse was used as a temporary shelter as well as the Elk Plaza in Hanston for stranded motorists stuck on the highways while the power lines were removed.

The highways were re-opened at 1:14 a.m. on Saturday.

Schools in Jetmore were also closed on Monday due to the outage along with multiple businesses.

Speaking with Ort on Monday, he said, "We're still in the dark, unfortunately.

"The higher winds today are surely complicating things for the crews working on it, so perhaps it will take a little longer than they previously thought.

"I have heard a newer estimate of 1 p.m."

For Jetmore resident Amanda Kasiska and her family, they took the outage in stride.

"It wasn't too terrible, I mean it could have been worse," she said. "They did get the generator up for the water so no one was without that.

"But the weather was amazing and great for BBQ. We also used the gas stove and played board games.

"Our city crew was amazing though."

By 4 p.m., power had been restored throughout the city.

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