Vendors from across the country and state are in town at the annual 3i SHOW this weekend at Western State Bank Expo Center.

The event showcases manufacturing and production of industry, implements and irrigation.

MB Enterprise is attending their 3rd 3i SHOW in a row since their inception.

"I first came to 3i in 1998 with the High Plains Journal," MB Enterprise CEO Bryan McPhail said. "I did that from 1998 to 2014 and when I started MB I came here in 2015."

MB Enterprise is the national distributor for Lewis Cattle Oilers, a product that provides stress-free treatment to cattle.

"It keeps flies, mosquitoes, ticks, lice you name it off the hides of cattle," McPhail said. "Any external parasite, it takes care of.

"The cattle rub against the pump and as they do it pumps out fluid down onto their hides. And when it's not pumping, the fluid remains and doesn't spill out onto the ground."

The cattle oilers were first manufactured in Canada by Joe Lewis and have since been manufactured in Bryan, Texas.

"We sell them to 44 of the 48 mainland states," McPhail said. "We attend farm shows throughout the country as well as our website to bring the oilers to cattle owners.

"In the 2 and a half years of starting MB we have doubled our sales and that trend continues to grow.

"It saves the cattle owners on their yearlings. They don't itch and it keeps them happy."

For more information on the Lewis Cattle Oilers visit or to contact McPhail about the oilers, call 620-408-6387.

"My son just jumped on board with us," McPhail said, "so it's becoming a family business."

McPhail and MB Enterprise will be at that the 3i SHOW along the main drag on the far west end through Saturday.

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