The 63rd annual 3i SHOW concluded Saturday at Western State Bank Expo Center.

With the turnout for vendors and attendee's, Western Kansas Manufacturing Association president Eddie Estes, who hosts the 3i SHOW, praised this year's event.

"Many vendors did quite well," Estes said. "The products you have may  not work for everyone but many vendors did quite well.

"It is not an easy time for ag business I will say.

"The cattle market is doing well but others are either at the same levels or dropping so it is a challenging time for ag business."

The annual event became a permanent location at the expo center in Dodge City 3 years ago where it previously was a traveling caravan.

The dates of the event have varied over the years as well along with the ever changing weather.

"Weather is always a concern when we schedule the 3i," Estes said. "It is something we always look at and we are constantly evaluating the scheduling of the event year to year.

"But some vendors did well and our high school ag day was a huge success once again.

"We were close to the same number of participants in that and it is a great opportunity for employers to meet their future empolyees.

"That's what is geared towards."

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