The Dodge City High School Red Demons soccer team finally lost, falling to Saint Thomas Aquinas Saturday, 2-1.

It was the team’s first loss this season, moving them to 13-1, and came on heels of a narrow 1-0 victory over Great Bend exactly a week ago.

Red Demons head coach Saul Hernandez said Monday that Saturday’s game showed the team some of their weaknesses which other teams hadn’t shown them.

“I’m glad that we’re playing high-calibre teams like this during the season because it helps us fix those mistakes going into the postseason,” Hernandez said.

In the previous game, Hernandez has said he had seen his team look complacent at times. That wasn’t the case Saturday, despite the fact the result ended up being a loss.

“The energy was great, the passing was great, the possession was great, but that final (to) but it in the back of the net was what was missing,” Hernandez said.

The team plays Kapaun Mt. Carmel today, another difficult task before the team heads to Liberal, Kansas to finish out regular-season play.

Since Saturday’s loss, Hernandez said the team has worked on some of the issues that held them back. Still, that won’t make the game easy.

“They’re one of the top 5A schools in the state,” Hernandez said. “We’ll see (Tuesday) if we were able to fix what needs to be fixed. But I’m sure playing quality teams like Kapaun (Mt. Carmel) and St. Thomas (Aquinas) is gonna tell us where we are.”