After an executive session at the Ford County Commission meeting Monday, commissioners along with legal counsel Glenn Kerbs agreed to retain an attorney for concerns raised about the new 911 NextGen system.

The new 911 radio system went live recently after safety concerns were raised from the Ford County Sheriff's Office, Dodge City Police Department, Ford County Fire and EMS and Ford County Communications.

According to county legal counsel Glenn Kerbs, an ongoing disagreement has occurred between Ford County and the Kansas 9-1-1 Coordinating Counsel on the new radio system.

"There is a disagreement in the contract regarding training requirements," Kerbs said. "The commissioners are disputing whether or not the council is allowed to require or request certain things pertaining to training specifications.

"The disagreement has also held up the move of the communications department from the Government Center to the new location on 14th Avenue so we authorized the retaining of attorney Robert Bjerg out of Overland Park to review the matter."

Ford County Communications director Elliot Linke added, "It's a local control issue. The commission is concerned the state is overstepping legislation about the training requirements."

Linke also said that the timetable on the review from Bjerg is unknown at this time.

Commissioners also approved a proposal request for an employer-based direct care clinic.

"We just want to get proposals at this point and see what comes back in," county human resources director Pat Heeke said. "We have had some interest and we want to get some guidelines from counsel on the possibility."

Commissioner Ken Snook was the lone nay vote on the proposal approval stating, "Everything I see here costs a lot of money, why not abate this to families instead?"

Heeke answered by saying they are requesting proposals only and that they are unsure at this time on what the potential costs for the direct care clinic would be.

Commissioner Chris Boys added that he is interested in seeing what's out there.

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