We’re quickly approaching the end of October and that spooky holiday Halloween.

However, there are several ways we can make the Halloween a little less scary for everyone.

For residents of Dodge City, if you are planning to hand out candy, leave an outside light on. It’s the easiest way to let trick-or-treaters know there are goodies at your house.

Pets are another issue — especially dogs. If partaking in the fun, place dogs in another part of the house so they won’t be involved.

Do not leave pets outside during Halloween night. It could be dangerous to children if your dog gets loose — or is loose in the yard — and it could be dangerous to your pet. If the pooch gets a hold of copious amounts of chocolate, it could prove fatal to the dog. For your pet’s well being, for the children’s safety and for everyone’s peace of mind, keep dogs inside if handing out treats.

Parents of small children must go with their children during trick-or-treating. It’s not an older brother or sister’s job to watch over the littlest ones and, more often not, while everything is OK, it’s also taking a chance no one needs to take.

Small children are more apt to enjoy themselves if mom or dad is with them. There’s a lot of spooky things in the darkness of night and it will give small children — and parents — a peaceful sense if adults are around.

Plus, it takes the pressure off the older siblings and allows them to enjoy themselves — not be a protector for their younger sibling.

Parents must also check out the loot their children bring home. While it’s not a wide-spread activity anymore, there are still people out there who would try to harm others. So check candy and other goods to make sure the children remain safe.

Drivers should take caution while driving on Halloween — beginning about dusk. Children in packs may be walking throughout neighborhoods and may not pay attention to traffic. While they are going house to house for goodies, drivers should take extra care, especially in residential neighborhoods.

Halloween is a holiday for scary, spooky fun. Let’s keep it that way by leaving the horror to the movies and making sure the day is fun filled and full of candy.