OK, it’s true, I’m a little ticked off at a couple of things.

The first is something I’ve written about in this column before. Why do people insist on accusing the Dodge City Daily Globe of being controlled by outside parties?

Better yet, why would any candidate running for an office do it?

I won’t name names or which political race. That would be unfair of me. I hate being unfair to anyone. We pride ourselves as being fair and accurate in our reporting at all times. Do mistakes happen? Yep. In fact, mistakes happen every day in newspaper work. We’re the only industry which creates a brand new product each and every day.

But for anyone to suggest we only print what this person or that organization tells us to is wrong, completely wrong.

Do we give more press or attention to incumbents? Nope. Do we take sides on issues? Haven’t so far.

So why would candidate X suggest this person controls us, controls the Dodge City Area Chamber of Commerce and we only print what he says we can?

I have no idea.

We’re 4 weeks away from deciding new members of the USD 443 Board of Education, the Dodge City Community College Board of Trustees and the Dodge City City Commission. Is the candidate seeking free publicity? Does the candidate honestly believe we would yield control of what we print to anyone? What’s the purpose?

It has happened before. Several people accused us of only printing what the chamber said we could print. I took offense to it then and I take offense to it now. I’ve been a journalist for 31 years. My beliefs on fairness, reporting accurately and staying "above the fray," I hold tight of.

My staff and I will not lie, be beholden to anyone nor slander anyone. I offered to "speak privately" with the candidate in question, because I was so mad.

No single person or organization controls the editorial staff of the Dodge City Daily Globe. This political season features two candidates — one recently and one in the past — who have suggested we are controlled by outside forces in the community. I said it the first time and I will repeat it.

I’ve taken on governors, US senators and others. I’ve been threatened by office holders because I covered an open meeting and reported it accurately. My ethics are unshaken, my conscious clear.

Enough about politics, let’s discuss another matter.

We need to stop burying important dates.

October 31 is Halloween.

November 7 is election day.

November 11 is Veterans Day.

November 23 is Thanksgiving.

Yet, my television is already getting clogged up by Christmas ads. Retail stores are already putting holiday decor up.

Really? Can’t we enjoy Halloween without someone suggesting on a TV ad that Santa Claus would be a great costume?

Let’s go through each important day and make sure we take part in each and every one — especially election day and Veterans Day. We all need to vote and we all need to thank a veteran.

We should take a tape recorder and talk to a veteran. Their stories from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm and more are being lost as more and more veterans die. Their stories must be preserved and told.

As for Thanksgiving, it’s become the pre-game meal for Black Friday. Many retail stores now open on Thanksgiving to start their sales.

Retail stores should let their employees share a holiday with turkey, ham, stuffing and pie and keep the stores closed on the day. Seriously, Thanksgiving is for pie — pumpkin, apple, cherry, pecan, strawberry-rhubarb and more — family, friends and football. Why should anyone rush through the day just to get to a store for a crazy price on an item where supplies are limited.

Yep, let’s skip pie and go stand in line for 4 hours to get a Tickle Me Elmo Deluxe Edition. No thanks.

I understand Christmas is big money for big retailers. But, know this, my money will go to those stores who were closed on Thanksgiving, not those trying to get a head start on retail sales.

I’m staying home and eating pie while watching football. I refuse to let Christmas take away other important dates. Beginning November 24, I will acknowledge the Christmas season.

But until then, bring on ghouls and goblins, voting in important local races, celebrating veterans and pie, lots and lots of pie.

Have I mentioned I like pie?

To recap, don’t question my, or the Globe’s, integrity and let’s enjoy important dates before we turn to Christmas.

Oh, and I like pie.


Roger Bluhm is the managing editor of the Dodge City Daily Globe. Follow him on Twitter @roger_dcglobe or email him at rbluhm@dodgeglobe.com.