Cheer season is right around the corner for the Diamond Athletics cheer and dance teams as they host an exhibition this Saturday at the Dodge City Civic Center.

The exhibition will feature cheer, dance and tumbling from the 85 athletes involved in competition this year.

"The age groups are from 3-18 years old," Diamond Athletics director Val Heston said. "The exhibition will be of our competition teams as they get ready for cheer season and we invite local people to come to watch everything we do."

The team will be prepping for up to five cheer competitions and 3 dance competitions throughout the season.

The teams will be traveling to competitions in Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma and if things go well, Florida.

"We qualified to compete in Florida last year and hope to do it again this year," Heston said. " We have put on the exhibition the past 5 years and have had a really good turnout."

Heston added that the team is more excited with their new training facility located near the YMCA in Dodge City.

"We moved to a new location and the space is a lot bigger," Heston said. "We have earned over 48 cheer scholarships in the past 12 years  with nine of them going to Div. I schools.

"We take things pretty seriously."

Classes are also available Sunday through Thursday for all levels of cheer, dance and tumbling.

"I am really proud of my coaches Kory Kosegi, Abel Olivares and Baleigh Munssel," Heston said. "We are really excited for this season."

The exhibition will begin at 6 p.m. on Saturday at the Dodge City Civic Center.

Tickets are $5 each and can be bought at the door or by contacting Heston at 620-561-6901.

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