The Dodge City Red Demons lost their second straight game Tuesday night, falling 4-1 to Kapaun Mt. Carmel.

Dodge City senior Joshua Donjuan had the lone goal for the Red Demons. The team had previously lost Saturday to Saint Thomas Aquinas by a score of 2-1.

Donjuan had the lone goal for the Red Demons in that game as well.

“I don’t know if we were still a little shaky from the previous game, maybe that found some insecurities on us,” Red Demons head coach Saul Hernandez said. “But I think it was a good learning-experience again. Two in a row: It’ll humble a lot of the guys if not all of them including myself and my coaching staff, and I hope it gives the boys more of drive to finish this season strong and to have a good what’s left of the season.”

The loss to Saint Thomas had been partially because that team had revealed some previously-undiscovered vulnerabilities in the team, Hernandez had said after that game.

This loss was different.

“The first game I thought it was more of exposing us,” Hernandez said. “The second-game, against Kapaun, it was more about effort and intensity.”

The intensity lacked in Tuesday’s game, Hernandez said.

“The effort and the intensity wasn’t what I expected the guys to come out with,” Hernandez said.

The team doesn’t get any rest though, taking on the Liberal Redskins in Liberal, Kansas tonight. That game is scheduled for 5:30 p.m.

What Hernandez said he wants to see is the way this team plays this game.

“I want to see how they bounce back,” Hernandez said. “We didn’t do a good job of it on Tuesday. We went over that today during practice, and I think it was a very productive practice and I think now the guys are gonna be on the same page, and hopefully we can string it together because this group of senior is a special group, and their time’s running out.”