Dodge City High School wrestling coach Lars Lueders will host a free youth wrestling clinic Monday and Tuesday in the wrestling room at Dodge City High School.

The clinic is divided into two sessions each day of Monday and Tuesday

The first takes place from 5:45 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. and is for youth from ages Kindergarten to second grade. The second takes place from 6:45 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. and is for youth from ages third to sixth grade.

Each session is open to students of any experience-level. Tuesday’s classes do build on Monday’s, but Lueders said students who are only able to attend Tuesday will likely be able to participate about as well as kids who were able to attend both sessions.

Those attending should arrive 15 minutes ahead of the scheduled start time for the session they’ll attend and enter through the “Activity Entrance” in the back side of the school.

In addition to youth, parents are invited to watch the clinic, and seating will be set up for them to do so, according to a clinic poster approved by Dodge City Public Schools.

“Mostly what it’s for is to have the kids have fun,” Lueders said. “We’ll be doing some wrestling things, but obviously a lot of it is like just competitions, games, getting them familiar with the mat, doing rolls and bear-crawls and have em making animal noises and being silly. It’s just kind of getting to have fun with it.”

Lueders is also the president of the Dodge City Wrestling Academy, which works to help teach youth athletes successful technique, philosophy and attitude both in sports and in life.

Lueders isn’t the only coach at the clinic.

I think a lot of (why many kids participate) is I have all my coaches there; all my high school, middle school and Academy (coaches),” Lueders said. “I have all of those coaches there, so there’s 20 guys coaching the room. So (the kids) get a lot of individual attention.”

And while one outcome of the clinic is that it often helps recruit athletes to wrestling, the benefits of learning wrestling go beyond just the sport of wrestling, Lueders said.

“When I first started doing it, I mean it was a little bit of a recruitment tool, but honestly a lot of it was just to get more people exposed to wrestling in Dodge City,” Lueders said.

When he looked at the Dodge City Wrestling team, he saw a lot the team was missing out on a lot of athletes who just hadn’t learned a lot about wrestling or been exposed to it.

Now, getting the word out about how wrestling can help out in other sports is a big part of what the clinic is about.

“Wrestling helps out for football, if they end up being a basketball player that’s OK, but it helps em out for basketball,” Lueders said.

Questions about the clinic can be emailed to coach Lars Lueders. His email is