It's almost winter and if you are looking to find some fresh new clothes for the season, today is the day.

At 5 p.m., the Dodge City Public Library is hosting their first Fall and Winter Fashion Show.

The clothes from JC Penney in Dodge City will be shown on the runway by local models.

"I see fashion shows on TV and social media all the time and wanted to do something similar," fashion show organizer and library bilingual program coordinator Vicky Ortiz said. "So I said, why don't we do one and see how it goes."

Ortiz said she asked JC Penney if they would show off their clothes for the show and they agreed.

"We are putting the show on together with local models," she said, "and everyone is very excited.

"We have decorated to bring in a runway to make it like a real fashion show.

"We hope to do more of these shows in the spring and summer so we asked JC Penney first and when we do more we will ask other clothing outlets to show off their clothes."

The show will be bilingual and begins at 5 p.m. and is free to the public to attend.

"The manager of JC Penney will announce the clothes and who they are made by," Ortiz said, "as they are walked down the runway.

"We hope everyone can attend."

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