Jay Owenhouse is bringing his 2017 Family Magic Tour to Dodge City and he made the tour unique by letting fans choose some of the show.

Unfortunately, that left him in a tight spot.

"I was hoping to stop doing the Jaws of Death escape, but the fans insisted I keep it in the show," the magician, who is also an escape artist, said. "So, it’s still a part of the show as are a lot of fan favorites, some new things and, because each audience is different, we have some time that we improvise a little bit, do some impromptu stuff.

"The audiences seem to really enjoy it, as do I."

Last year the magician explained his children were all integral parts to his shows.

"They are all a part of the show, in one way or another," said Owenhouse last year. "In 2008, my family just finished a successful tour of Asia and my wife, Susan, wasn’t feeling well.

"We found out she had a rare autoimmune disease and she passed away in 2009. It was devastating to my family and I shut down for a little while. My children are the ones who came to me and told me it was time to return to what I love to do best."

Since, the family has been together for every show. Oldest son John is the main assistant on stage, son Peter runs the sound and video for the show, oldest daughter Juliana is an assistant on stage and daughter Christina, who is 13, is also a stage assistant.

Owenhouse’s other family members are involved too — his twin tigers Shekinah and Sheena. The two Bengal tigers — one white and one traditional — came to Owenhouse about 7 years ago and are cared for at the magician’s tiger sanctuary in Montana when not traveling for shows.

Owenhouse does mostly weekend shows September through May — locations where they can travel to shows and be back home in Montana by Sunday night. This allows his children to remain in school and in the show, but also keeps his tigers from being overworked.

"We respect the tigers and we do positive reinforcement for what they do," Owenhouse said in an interview with the Daily Globe last year. "The tigers are not props for our show, they are an integral part of it."

Owenhouse is bringing back his VIP package — a chance to meet the magician and get close to the tigers during a pre-show.

"Part of the proceeds of the pre-show go towards preserving tigers in the wild," Owenhouse said last year. "There are probably less than 300 in the wild and many experts believe they will be extinct by 2022.

"The conservation efforts protect wild tigers and their habitat."

Owenhouse is proud his show offers something for everyone — a family-friendly show for all ages.

"Most ‘family-friendly’ shows now are for small children or adults," he said. "Our show is one the whole family can attend and enjoy."

The magician is trying to build his following in Dodge City.

"What we do is go somewhere year-after-year and build a following," Owenhouse said. "Once we get fans to see our show, they come back. That’s what we want to do in Dodge City — have a great show and have fans who talk up the show so it’s bigger in the future."

Tickets are $69, $39 and $29 and are available at www.ticketmaster.com or by calling the United Wireless Arena box office at 620-371-7880. Doors will open at 6:30 p.m. and the show is set for 7:30 p.m.


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