In a special meeting on Friday, city commissioners approved amendments to release the Star Bonds that were in escrow at the time.

The Star Bonds project is for the retail development along 14th Avenue that will see Sutherland's home improvement store coming with the potential for more.

"The amendment was a procedural piece to reflect and acknowledge the opening of the three facilities," city manager Cherise Tieben said. "This needed to be acknowledged formally by the commission so that the Star Bond proceeds that were held in escrow could be released in compliance with the development agreement.

"The assignment was to reflect the changing of the LLC from Leisure to Inn Vestments II, LLC which was created when different partners were brought in on the project a long time ago."

The amendments were approved uanimously.

According to Tieben, Commissioner Brian Delzeit and Mayor Rick Sowers were present at the meeting with commissioners Kent Smoll, Jan Scoggins and Joyce Warshaw voting via phone conference.

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