The Dodge City Conquistadors football team heads to Coffeyville, Kansas today to take on the Coffeyville Community College Red Ravens.

The Conqs enter the game 4-5, while the Red Ravens enter the game 2-6.

Coffeyville enters the game coming off a 45-21 win last week over Iowa Central, in which previously injured quarterback Mo Hasan returned to the lineup after having missed time this season due to injury. Conquistador head coach Gary Thomas said Hasan makes the Red Ravens better, but the victory last week was not as lopsided as the score may seem to indicate.

“If you watch the game, it’s actually a 31-21 game with like five minutes to go and Iowa Central’s on the nine yard-line going in to score to make it a three-point game, and they end up throwing a pick in the end zone,” Thomas said. “Coffeyville scores two touchdowns in the last two minutes to make it look like a blowout.”

Still, Coffeyville is playing better, partly because of Hasan.

“He makes them more dynamic, he does some things with his legs that are good, obviously he can spin it pretty good,” Thomas said.

The interception in the end zone was just one example of Coffeyville’s opportunistic defense. Thomas said there isn’t any specific thing the team can do to guarantee themselves victory, but in addition to playing good defense and not making mistakes on special teams, one key might be avoiding mistakes on offense.

“They’re last in the conference in total defense but they’re first in defensive touchdowns,” Thomas said.

This week, Thomas said he has been trying to convey the importance of not making mistakes on either special teams or offense.

“If a team is gonna score 24 points, let’s say, no matter what they do, any mistake we make on offense or special teams just makes that number higher,” Thomas said. “So now we don’t have to score 25 to win the game, we’ve got to score 31 or 32, so that’s the biggest challenge for us is not making mistakes in all of the facets of the game.”

If the Conqs throw an interception that gets returned for a touchdown or a fumble gets lost and it only takes Coffeyville a play or two to score, the game will be exponentially more difficult for the Conqs to win, Thomas said.

Kickoff is scheduled for 7 p.m. tonight in Veterans Memorial Stadium in Coffeyville, Kansas.