It has already started. The latest election is here.

Early voting for this election has already started at area courthouses. Tuesday is election day throughout Kansas and while many of the races aren’t high-profile, they are in need of voters.

Case in point is the races in Ford County. Voters are deciding school board seats, city leaders and members of the Dodge City Community College Board of Trustees.

The trustee race has been interesting. There’s been more information — and misinformation — put out by various people, it’s hard to know who to believe.

No matter who it is, for whatever reason, go vote.

The trustee race is the most heated we’ve seen in a while. The best way to make sure the candidate you want in office is there is to simply go vote for him or her.

Many people won’t vote in an election without a state or national race on the ticket. It actually should be the other way around.

Elections such as this one has the most direct impact on local citizens. While congressional races and the presidential race will have impacts on everyone, local races are more important to local citizens.

These are the people we are putting in charge of our city, schools and local 2-year college. These are the people who will decide local taxes, changes in school policy and the direction of DCCC. These are people we are entrusting with the education of our children and the laws of our city.

To us, this is more important than who is sitting in the White House.

We encourage everyone to get out and vote. Vote early at the courthouse. Vote on election day next Tuesday.

The greatest impact we can have on any election is to make our voices heard and our votes count. Don’t agree with that candidate? Don’t vote for them. Think this candidate is right on the money? Vote for that one.

We won’t endorse any candidate. We want our readers to make up their own minds on who they believe will be the best people to lead us. We presented stories on the political forums held. We’ve run advertising from most of the people running.

We believe our readers are intelligent and will make good decisions. However, they must vote for that decision to matter.

Vote in this election and let your voice be heard. Vote.