Choose uplifting candidates

Dear Editor,

Again, our college and community are being torn apart by negativism, both internally and externally.

In 27 years as a trustee, plus a term on the Kansas Board of Regents, the current controversy is the most damaging I’ve experienced. The priority for DCCC is "Be the best" for our students — they are our history and our future. Even with current challenges, a lot of good things are happening and more planned, but the good news gets pushed aside. Good news just last week is that DCC has been ranked No. 1 Best 2-year Kansas College in 2017 based on critical criteria like graduation rates, ranked by an organization titled "Learn How to Become." There are a lot of good things!

A friend noted that some people are motivated by anger and apparently, for some, it becomes a "high," they become addicted, then "feed the high" by stirring the negatives and becoming "professional disrupters."

You know who some of them are.

By law, the college is managed by the president — not the trustees, who, by law, set the guidelines. Under Dr. Harold Nolte’s presidency the board has been made aware of mismanagement by some past administrators, and to his credit, has openly disclosed them, risking accusations and ugliness. He and board share the risk of "We don’t like the message, so shoot the messenger."

When problems surfaced in the helicopter program, the board went into executive session, with attorneys, for consultation. Some preliminary actions have been taken but we don’t yet have all the facts. Legal issues are lengthy because fact finding is time consuming and has to be completed before legitimate statements can be shared with the public. Mr. (Terry) Malone violated that rule of ethics with his outburst in the last board meeting.

We will find answers and take corrective action. I sincerely hope the program continues — it is unique to colleges in the United States and obviously is needed for the workforce with approximately 80 students on a waiting list.

It is gratifying that many people of our county have responded to issues at the college (which belongs to them), in a supportive manner. Others, understandably, are accusatory and demeaning.

Please think carefully before marking your ballot for trustee. Regardless of what candidates say, will they really be a positive voice on the board to help build our college, or will they promote a negative or personal agenda?

Floris Jean Hampton

Dodge City

DCCC trustee