The weather may fluctuate day-to-day but for the colder days, they can become a hassle.

To help with energy bills among other concerns, the Kansas Weatherization Assistance Program is available to citizens in the region through the South Central Kansas Economic Development District.

"Residents must income qualify for homeowners or renters and its at no charge," said Dodge City special projects coordinator Mollea Wainscott in a press release. "KWAP provides housing improvements that increase energy efficiency in homes, including manufactured homes with services that may include weather stripping and caulking around windows and doors, repairing or replacing the heating and cooling systems, and adding insulation to walls, ceilings and foundations.

"This program helps people save money by saving energy."

According to Wainscott, if your weatherization application is approved by SCKEDD, your home will be inspected and after the inspection, a crew supervisor will go over the list of work items with the homeowner.

After the inspection, the weatherization crew will begin the repairs and maintenance.

Once the work is complete, another inspection will occur.

According to Wainscott, the weatherization program is a state funded program through the Kansas Housing Resource Corporation.

"SCKEDD has administered this program since 1976," she said. "Their territory expanded to include Dodge City in August 2017.

"Prior to SCKEDD, Interfaith Housing Services provided weatherization to Dodge City and surrounding areas."

Wainscott added that weatherization services have saved customers an average of $283 annually with 465 homes being weatherized by Interfaith Housing Services since 2008.

To apply for the weatherization program, visit or call 620-371-3869.

"We are fortunate to have this program in our area," Wainscott said. "Weatherization can improve the homes condition, lower utility bills and create a healthy living environment."

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