Election results aren’t official until they’re official. Right now, it’s all unofficial. Two of Tuesday night’s elections may have different results come Monday morning.

The Dodge City Community College and Dodge City City Commission contests may change due to the closeness of the votes and more votes adding to the results.

"We have provisional ballots we may include in the final tally," said Debbie Cox, Ford County Clerk. "We have two races — the college race and city commission race — where there are very close races and the official canvass may change the results.

"Plus, the law changed on mailed ballots. If I get any ballot postmarked Tuesday by Friday, it must be counted."

Cox said she has 45 provisional ballots. Provisional ballots may be cast if a person changed their name and didn’t re-register; moved and didn’t re-register; or did not have valid ID when checking in to vote.

"If they didn’t have valid identification, they must provide it to us before their ballot counts," Cox said. "We have to have that before the canvass for the ballot to be counted."

In the Dodge City Community College Board of Trustees race Kathy Ramsour led the voting with 1,510 votes, followed by Mia Schraeder Korbelik with 1,495, Dan Reichenborn with 1,418 and Gary Harshberger earning 1,273 votes. Not being elected was Merrill Conant with 1,257, Pete Weil with 1,129, Bill Hammond at 1,117 votes and Morris Reeves with 904. These were the unofficial results posted Tuesday night.

"There are only 16 votes separating Harshberger from Conant," Cox said. "There is a chance with mail-in ballots and provisional ballots that Conant would be elected and Harshberger just out."

It’s even closer in the city commission race. The votes for city commission were Brian Delzeit 1,110 votes, Joyce Warshaw with 991, E. Kent Smoll with 839, Keith Gwaltney collected 833, Charles Sellens with 523 and Liliana Zuniga with 388.

"There are just six votes between Smoll and Gwaltney," Cox said. "That could easily change to have Gwaltney elected and Smoll just missing out."

Cox was happy with the election.

"Our new voting machines worked really well," she said. "We had a company representative on site if we had any problems, but there were none."

According to the county clerk, there was a 19 percent turnout for the vote.

"We had 11 percent for the primary," Cox said. "I hoped we would have 25 percent for the general election, but it is what it is."


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