Students at the Dodge City High School got a taste of what running their own business would be like in the DCHS commons area Friday.

The students were given the opportunity to operate a business selling products whether it was food or merchandise and they were able to keep all profits from their transactions.

"This is a great opportunity for the Youth Entrepreneurship students to own and operate a business for a day and sell their products," DCHS business educator Terri Larson said. "They will sell their items to the staff, students and community.

"Whether the YE students make a small amount of money or a lot of money, all the students come out as winners because they experience what it takes to own and operate a business.

"The most common feedback I receive after the event is that students want to do market day again because they have learned what they would do differently to have a more successful business."

According to junior Bryan Del Angel, the students were to apply for a loan to go towards their business and then they would have to pay back that loan and whatever money was left over was their profit.

"We had to apply for the loan and give a presentation," Del Angel said. "We got $130 to buy our ingredients."

Del Angel, along with senior Jasmin Villatoro, came up with the business Wake and Bake Funnel Cakes.

"We were in class trying to come up with a name to go with funnel cakes," Del Angel said. "So then we asked all our classmates and the majority of people came up with Wake and Bake Funnel Cakes.

"It's a catchy title and gets everybody's attention."

Del Angel and Villatoro made the funnel cakes themselves. Other students brought in candy, chips, cheesecake, jerky or made Mexican food and drinks to sell to students and faculty.

"It was an elective and it fit with my schedule so I joined because I had friends that had done it before and said it was a great thing to do," senior Leah Stein said. "We had pre-order sales so most people will be coming by to get the T-shirts they ordered but will have some extras on hand for people that didn't order any."

Stein, along with senior Sydney Foster, sold DCHS T-shirts.

"I am a business major so I was really excited to do this," said Foster.

Villatoro added, "Only upperclassmen were able to participate and we would have other students as helpers throughout the market day."

The Youth Entrepreneurship market day ran from 1:30 p.m. to the end of the school day at 3.

Students were brought in in shifts to be able to walk among the displayed items to make any purchases.


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